Washington, DC — Today, the Department of the Interior announced the results of the first-ever offshore wind energy auction for lease areas in the Gulf of Mexico. Turn Forward applauds the historic lease sale and recognizes the hard work and visionary leadership that led to this critical milestone for offshore wind energy in the U.S.

“Today’s lease auction brought a strong leaseholder to the Gulf and their innovation will help blaze the trail for future projects — much like the early offshore wind projects in the Atlantic. Thanks to strong and continued stakeholder engagement, this initial expansion of offshore wind to a new, third market will create hundreds of good-paying, skilled jobs, invest millions of dollars into Gulf communities, support a robust domestic supply chain, and provide more than 435,000 homes with carbon-free, homegrown energy,” said Turn Forward Executive Director Stephanie McClellan. “From vessel construction to building many of the components of the first offshore wind project in the U.S., workers in the Gulf have already been a part of the American offshore wind story but now, with a lease secured in the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf communities will see many more of offshore wind energy’s environmental, economic, and equity benefits in the years ahead.”

This initial offshore wind lease sale includes over $860,000 in investments for workforce training and a domestic supply chain, and $430,000 for fisheries compensatory mitigation. Those benefits are in addition to the Gulf lease’s expected job creation and production of clean, reliable energy for more than 435,000 homes and businesses. With greater market visibility from Louisiana and Texas, the offshore wind industry can further leverage the Gulf region’s unparalleled offshore energy expertise and strong workforce pipelines.

Turn Forward is an independent, non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to advancing an ambitious vision for American offshore wind power that meets today’s climate, economic, equity, and environmental challenges. For media inquiries, please reach out to avery@turnforward.org