June 28, 2024

Washington, DC — Today, the Department of the Interior announced an auction for new offshore wind leases in the Central Atlantic region. On August 14, 2024, two leases with the potential to generate up to 6.3 gigawatts of energy and power 2.2 million homes will be offered for sale. 

In response Catherine Bowes, Senior Director at Turn Forward, applauded this step forward with the following statement:

“Today’s exciting announcement expands opportunities for local offshore wind energy to deliver affordable and reliable power across the Central Atlantic region. American offshore wind is currently driving transformational benefits to communities from coast to coast by providing clean, domestic power that can help stabilize energy prices, propel us toward energy independence, generate thousands of jobs across a range of communities and industries, and spark millions of dollars in local economic investment.”

Turn Forward is an independent, non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to advancing an ambitious vision for American offshore wind power that meets today’s climate, economic, equity, and environmental challenges.

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