Offshore wind energy is creating transformational opportunities for the US economy — sparking the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs and driving millions of dollars of investment in our communities. Offshore wind power is also increasing our supply of homegrown energy, protecting ratepayers against price volatility, and helping secure the U.S.’s energy independence.

Steel foundations for the Block Island Wind Farm, Made in Louisiana
The steel foundations for the Block Island Wind Farm were made in Louisiana. Credit: Gulf Island Fabrication

Job creation

Offshore wind energy is projected to create nearly 80,000 jobs in the next decade (U.S. Department of Energy). Workforce development programs are already training the next generation to fill those jobs, including efforts to ensure these opportunities reach underserved communities. Offshore wind jobs offer good pay and strong labor standards to American workers.

Infrastructure improvements

Significant investments in vessels, ports, and electricity grids are being made to meet the needs of the growing offshore wind industry and the clean energy transition. These infrastructure investments will help make clean power reliable and abundant, drive significant economic recovery and development in U.S. communities, and strengthen our energy security.

Supply chain investments

American manufacturing is at the heart of a strong U.S. offshore wind industry. With the innovation of American businesses, our domestic supply chain and workforce will continue to grow, bringing economic development and 49,000 manufacturing jobs to communities across the country by 2030 (NREL).